As a church, we long to serve our community to the fullest.  And, by the grace of God, we have.  Over the years, we’ve opened our doors and welcomed many that needed a home. 

Fortunately, our community is growing faster than ever.  With that growth, brings more people looking for a church where they belong. 

Our current facilities are not meeting the needs of that growth in the church and in the community.  We need more space to gather and connect, a dedicated youth space, additional classroom space, accessible restrooms, and improvements to the exterior of the building.  The outside of our building needs to reflect the love and warmth you feel within our four walls. 

In order to meet the needs of our church family and other guests, many faithful church leaders worked hard to develop our vision and plan. 

This first phase of our plan has many benefits that include:

  • A space for our youth to gather that gives them a community where they can grow in faith, follow Jesus, and learn to serve
  • A gathering space where people can sit comfortably and connect with one another that allows us to build deeper relationships with each other 
  • Family friendly restrooms, ensures that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable in our building
  • Improving the parking lot will make the Fellowship Hall and Stepping Stones preschool easy to access as well as improve traffic flow and safety for all our members and visitors 
  • Updating the office spaces will create a focal point at the front corner of our building and provide a clear place for people to enter the building on week days 

Alone we can do little, but together we can do a lot.  Our Overflowing Vision creates a space everyone will be proud to call their church home.        

Proposed Plans

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