Pastors’ Message

Harrisburg is experiencing a time of abundance as our community continues to grow rapidly. This abundance has created an overflowing desire within the Harrisburg United Methodist Church family to serve the growing needs of our community while continuing to be the missional heart of Harrisburg.

Overflowing is a 3-year spiritual and financial journey that will give us the resources needed to fulfill the next step in God’s vision for our church. It will include new spaces and update our existing facilities so that we share the abundance God has given us.

Our next faithful step offers us all the invitation to experience and share God’s generosity in ways that will cultivate fresh relationships with God and others as we seek to grow in faith, love, and service. By enlarging, renovating, and improving the functionality of our physical structure we hope to do more of what we love to do; worship, open our space to the community and share life together.

We have an amazing opportunity before us and we need everyone to help. Together, we will see an overflowing of God’s Spirit of generosity and love that will change the world.

May God bless you and grant us courage for the next faithful step!

Wes and Toni Ruth

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